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Two Exciting Fiction Books For 9 to 13 Year Olds



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The Six Macs And The Slime Monster From Loch Ness

The Six Macs and The Purple Orb

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Hi, I am the author of this children's fiction book called “The Six Macs and The Slime Monster from Loch Ness” The book is about six Scottish children/early teens who find a monster in a cave and end up having an adventure of their lives.
This is my first book in a series about The Six Macs whose names match their personalities, which are secret and are only used when they are in their gang.
Each one of my books has an environmental theme, which is important to me. I have a third coming out shortly.
The second is called "The Six Macs and The Purple Orb" it is all about saving a sacred wood. With the help of a tree spirit called Jack who is a lady spirit, she visits them in their dreams to beckon them to help her save her wood and her best friend a 500 year old oak tree. 
The third is about the acceleration of snowmelt in
Nepal, this one is called “The Six Macs and The Bell of Souls” I am now working on my sixth book.
They are all short, exciting stories of about 24,000 words In my fifth book The Six Macs become eco-warriors with special powers.
Whenever they need encouragement or have achieved a feat they thrust their fists into the air and shout “THE SIX MACS”

Published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

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Children's Books

Aged 9-12

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