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                                         The Six Macs and The Purple Orb
This is the second exciting children's eco-fiction fantasy book about the adventures of  "The Six Macs". 

The Six Macs, while camping, find a snail with a purple light in its shell. Flyer MacHigher is visited by Jack of the wood (The Green Lady) in her dreams. Jack calls the snail a Purple Orb, She asks Flyer to return it to an underground lake in her sacred wood. The lake is where all the Purple Orbs live. They feed the lake with energy from the moon, which then feeds all the trees including The Green Lady with energy and life. In the wood, there is a 500-year-old wise oak tree who is Jack’s friend.

The Six Macs Arrive at Jack’s wood only to find that it is being destroyed to make way for a science laboratory. It’s very noisy with demonstrators and riot police. Jack pleads with The Six Macs in their dreams to help stop the diggers and chainsaws from destroying her wood. In the morning they raise their fists in the air and shout “THE SIX MACS” before starting their mission.


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