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Three Exciting Fiction Books For 9 to 13 Year Olds

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          "The Six Macs And The Slime Monster From Loch Ness"

This book has been re- edited  and was released again in may 2023

This is the first one in a series it is called “The Six Macs and The Slime Monster from Loch Ness” The book is about six Scottish children/early teens who find a monster in a cave and end up having an adventure of their lives.This is my first book in a series about The Six Macs whose names match their personalities, which are secret and are only used when they are in their gang. Each one of my books has an environmental theme, which is important to me.

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                               "The Six Macs and The Purple Orb"

This book has been re- edited  and was released again in October 2023


This exciting children's eco-fiction fantasy is about the adventures of six Scottish children "The Six Macs". They are contacted while camping by a tree spirit, who pleads with them to help her return a lost, valuable purple orb. But perils lie ahead when they find out that the forest is being destroyed to make way for a new science laboratory. Adding to the dismay, they only have a few days to complete their fantastic mission.

Join these adventurous nature-loving teens as they race with time to save what matters to them the most.


"The Six Macs and The Bell of Souls".


      Released 10th November 2023

After surviving a plane crash, The Six Macs find themselves in a snowy Himalayan wilderness where they discover the village of a.

secretive mountain tribe who show them a way to a temple run by Kung Fu Nuns.

The nuns tell them that the mountain tribe must be kept secret and can tell no one they have seen them. They also told them that while they were mending the tribe's precious Bell of Souls, it was stolen from them by English travellers.

After a dangerous journey to base camp the Six Macs find the bell and begin their adventure to return it to the hidden tribe.

 I am now working on my sixth book.
They are all short, exciting stories of about 24,000 words In my fifth book The Six Macs become eco-warriors with special powers.
Whenever they need encouragement or have achieved a feat they thrust their fists into the air and shout “THE SIX MACS”

All books will be Edited by Anne Rostron
Published by Austin Macauley Publishers.

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